I am a passionate artisan and a creative thinker, living and working in ticino.

Beauty and knowledge in all things and of all types inspires me.

My ideas are rooted in nature, colour, form and structure - from them flow new designs, images surface, and found materials metamorphose into new shapes and impressions. Spaces are reformed, objects are repositioned, everything becomes a different point of view. People, faces, images - even the smallest detail of everyday life becomes a source of new stimuli. My desire is to depict all of them, capture them through a single stroke, in my own individual style. I love telling stories through my work, seeing things from unusual perspectives, visualising my inner thoughts, chasing after my own interpretation. I am influenced through all my senses: and I allow my intuition to guide me.

Through pursuing my passion, I am ever developing my versatility and refashioning my approach to my work. Curious and intrigued by everything, and allowing spontaneity to take me - I am at once sophisticated. Both aware and unaware of what I am creating.

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